Pressure Transmitter
Model 266 HSH Series

Gauge pressure transmitter for measuring liquid, gas, steam pressure in pipes or open tanks.

Conductivity Analyser

Industrial conductivity cells with single and dual input transmeter.

PID Controller

Highly accurate 1/4 DIN controller provided with large Color PV Display.

ProcessMaster FEP300
Electromagnetic Flowmeter

ProcessMaster sets the standard for the process industry. It meets the various requirements of NAMUR. ProcessMaster is a universal device according to the Pressure Equipment.

Remote Seal Diaphram Pressure
Transmitters Model 2600T Series

Models detailed in this data sheet apply for those transmitters which include one or two remote seal(s) connected via a capillary to the transmitter sensor.

List of field instruments we deal in:

  • DP/Flow Transmitters—266 DSH Series
  • Pressure—266 HSH Series
  • Flanged level Transmitter—266DDH Series
  • Universal Process Controller—CM 10, CM 30 & CM 50 Series
  • Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Vortex Flow Meter
  • pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
  • Online O2 Analyzer—Endura AZ20 for Oxygen and Combustion gas analysis
  • Portable & Dedicated Clamp Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Field mounted Temperature Transmitter with HART—TTF 200
  • DIN Rail mounted Temperature Transmitter TTF200
  • I/P convertor
  • Digital Indicators
  • MTL signal Isolators with one 4-20 mA input & two 4-20 mA outputs
  • Cable Float Level Switches.
  • Indfoss DP switches
  • Multipoint Level Switch.
  • Honeywell Controller Model DC1040 & DC1010
  • PLCs & Soft Starters
  • 24VDC Power Supply
  • Pneumatic Control Valves
  • Motorised Valves
  • Valve Positioner (Pneumatic and E/P)
  • Annunciators, Illuminated Push Buttons & Indicating Lamps.
  • Honeywell Fixed Range Pressure Transducers, MLH & PX2 Series
  • Power Transducers & Power Monitoring Systems
  • Instrumentation Cable & Perforated Cable Trays
  • Valve Manifolds & Fittings
  • Flow Elements, Orifice Plate Assembly & Flow Nozzles

DP Transmitter
Model 266DSH DP
Model 266PSH Gauge
Model 266VSH Absolute

Measurement made easy
Engineered Solutions for all applications

TTF200 Basic
Field Mounted Temperature Transmitter

Excellent long term stability, Temperature linear output signal, Self-diagnostics, Univershal input

Flanged Type Level Transmitter
Model 266DDH

Level Transmitters, Engineered solutions for all applications

Signal Converter for Standard Signals

Measurement made easy

pH Analyser

Measurement made easy

Oxygen Analyser

Superior technology and quality from the world leader in oxygen measurement


Provides flexibility and variety in the handling of various record data, including trends, event summaries, and more


Calculate various data including wattage, power factor, frequency, and then save it to memory card


Low-Cost Printing of various Periodic data; Polymer Plastic Mold Technology for light weight and durability


Non-intrusive flow measurement from the outside of piping


Ideal for measuring oxygen in flammable gas